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  • Cathode Ray Tube

    Cathode ray tube is used for producing images‚ when an electron beam hits the surface made out of a phosphorescent‚ and the cathode ray tube is basically a vacuum tube. An example of a cathode ray tube is a computer desktop and the picture tubes in television are similar to the cathode ray tube in television. There are numerous components of cathode ray tube‚ which are the Electron gun‚ Anodes‚ Coil‚ Phosphor-coated screen‚ electronic beam and the spot through which the beam passes through. In a

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  • Invention of the Cathode Ray Tube

    GREAT DISCOVERIES CHANGE LIVES Do you like watching television? I love it. I do not know what would I do if televisions did not exist. It is interesting‚ in several years‚ they have become a huge part of our lives‚ our indispensables. J.J. Thomson was inspired by some scientists and he provided us the opportunity of having televisions in our lives. Also other scientists improved his thoughts and experiments which leaded to the invention of the television afterwards. It is not that simple of course

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  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (Cro)

    bols | FAQ | Links Oscilloscopes (CROs) Setting up | Connecting | Measuring | Timebase | Y amplifier | AC/GND/DC Next Page: Power Supplies  Also See: AC‚ DC and Electrical Signals  | Circuit symbol for an oscilloscope   | | Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) Photograph © Rapid Electronics  | An oscilloscope is a test instrument which allows you to look at the ’shape ’ of electrical signals by displaying a graph of voltage against time on its screen. It is like a voltmeter with

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  • Magnetic Field and Cathode Ray Tube

    Experiment 4 Measurement of e by Thomson’s bar magnet method. m Apparatus: Cathode ray tube (CRT) with power supply unit‚ one pair of bar magnets‚ high resistance voltmeter‚ magnetometer‚ stopwatch. Purpose of experiment: e To measure the specific charge‚ i.e. charge to mass ratio   ‚ of an electron using m Thomson’s bar magnet method. Basic methodology: Electrons in a CRT are deflected in the vertical direction by applying a potential between the vertical deflection plates of the CRT.

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  • Properties of Cathode Rays

    10.2 Properties of Cathode rays Aim: to determine some of the properties of the rays which come from the cathode of a discharge tube. Equipment * Two power packs * Two plug-plug leads * One pair of magnets * Induction coil * Four plug-clip leads * Discharge tubes (Maltese cross‚ electric plates‚ rotating wheel‚ screen display) Theory: This experiment is designed to show you the properties of cathode rays as discovered by Sir William Crookes. Method: 1. Connect the

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  • Visual Display Units

    computer. The monitors come in many different forms. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) are the most popular displays at this time. Plasma Display Panel (PDP)‚ Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)‚ and Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display (SED) are other technologies that exist for producing a VDU. Cathode Ray Tubes refers to the tube that is inside of the monitor. An electron gun‚ in the tube‚ shoots electrons down the tube and onto a charged screen. The screen is coated

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  • Technologies behind Liquid Crystal Display

    LCDs. Displaced cathode ray tube (CRT) displays of LCDs are used in most applications. Two sheets of polarizing material‚ are used in LCD displays‚ with a liquid crystal solution between them. The crystals align as a result of an electric current‚ so that light cannot pass through them. Each crystal‚ therefore‚ is like a shutter‚ either blocking the light or allowing light to pass through. Some of the technologies behind liquid crystal display are as follows Illumination-A cold cathode fluorescent lamp

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  • Assignment

    and has followed its mission of making life better for consumers around the world. Samsung Electronics‚ a leading company for the digital convergence movement with a variety of products such as LCD TV‚ LED TV‚ Mobile Phone‚ Home Theater System‚ Blu-ray DVD Player‚ Monitor‚ HDD‚ ODD‚ Printer‚ Air Conditioner‚ Washing Machine‚ Refrigerator‚ among others‚ will inaugurate

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  • The Evolution of Tv

    “television’’ invented by Constantin Perskyi and the first "television" showed at 1900 Paris Exhibition2. 1906--- The first working mechanical television system is invented by Boris Rosing by combining the Paul Nipkow ’s rotating disks and the cathode ray

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  • Television History

    Television History In 1908 Alan Archibald Campbell-Swinton‚ fellow of the Royal Society (UK)‚ published a letter in the scientific journal Nature in which he described how "distant electric vision" could be achieved by using a cathode ray tube (or "Braun" tube‚ after its inventor‚ Karl Braun) as both a transmitting and receiving device‚ apparently the first iteration of the electronic television method that would dominate the field until recently. He expanded on his vision in a speech given in

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