Tv Advertising Assignment

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Module 9
TV Advertising Assignment

For this assignment, you can pick any 60 minute program (or two 30 minute programs) on any network television channel. Watch the same station for the entire period, with a stopwatch or watch with a second hand, and answer the following questions. Make sure that you read the entire list of questions before you start watching and taking notes, so you will know what information you will need to while you are watching the hour of television.

Program name: Housewives of Atlanta


Time: 8:00 pm

Channel: 1332

1. In the onehour (full 60minute) period, how many minutes were devoted to advertising? 14 minutes and 25 seconds. How were they distributed throughout the hour? Every 12 minutes within the program a pod of several commercials were shown.

2. Make a note of all the products/shows/services/public service announcements, etc. being advertised (in order). Housewives of Beverly Hills, Droid Razr, Bailey’s, Knorr stock, Jewelry store at Macy’s, Progressive, Kindle at Amazon, The Muppets, Soma Intimates, 2012 Lincoln MAX, Top Chef, The Millionaire Match Maker, Victoria Secret Angel Collection, Sprint, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, We Bought A Zoo(movie), Burlington,, Lion King the movie, Toshiba, New Year’s Eve(movie), Chico’s, A Madea Christmas(movie), Top Chef, Chef Roble’ & Co., Nexxuse Salon Hair Care, Honda Odyssey, Nikon, Ebay, The Muppets.

2. How many commercials were 60 seconds long?Two 45 seconds? Three 30 seconds? Eighteen 15 seconds? Eight

3. Were there any other commercial lengths? No

4. Was the same product advertised more than once during the hour? Yes Were the commercials identical? Yes

5. In a "pod" of several commercials, do you feel that one position is strongest? No Is being first the best? No Is being last the best? No Why? Some of the commercials interested me at first and last. I think that it depends what commercial grabs an...
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