Literature Review

Topics: Advertising, Effect, Infomercial Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The purpose of this study is to identify the negative effects of advertising on society and get a better understanding “how” it really affects us.

The dependent variable for this subject is how bad and how (physically, mentally) it affects us. The reason why I choose this as a dependent variable is because the way it affects us depends on various different independent variables like where or when.

The independent variables that concern us are:
1) When: Advertisements that we see such as billboards while we were driving a car can cause distraction for us which this can lead to car accidents and many other incidents. 2) Where: It is important where we see/hear these advertisements, such as on the internet, TV or radio, because each of these tools can address to different part of the community. 3) Age: Another independent variable is age. For instance, kids can get effected much worse than adults from a “sex shop” advertisement they saw in the internet or billboards. 4) Gender: Man and women can find the advertisements they see offensive on different levels. 5) Education: People on different levels of education can perceive the advertisements differently. 6) Rate of the advertisements: An advertisement that airs for 20 times a day will surely have a different effect than the advertisements that airs for 5 times a day. 7) Message: The content of the advertisement is also really important independent variable. 8) Which tools were used: TV, internet or radio, all addresses to different levels of society. While internet is primarily used more often by young people, radio is used by old people generally. All these independent variables has a big impact on how “bad” advertising affects us. Advertising is everywhere you look, whether it is in the TV or on that newspaper that you bought before you going to work. Some people may say that they are not in fact influenced by the advertising that they saw each day, and that they do not fall...

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