Turman Show

Topics: Light, Yellow, Greeting Pages: 4 (676 words) Published: April 3, 2013
mise-en-scene-> function->
make the world believable
different between reality and our dream world-> doesn't exist actually ironic feeling->


1) contrast between Seahaven typical American's dream world and reality, the harsh fact we have to face.

60's america dream society ever->like a doll house
->beautiful sunshine city->suburb
routine and regular life
clean and tiny + green (grass/trees)
white houses and wide road
scenery-> sunset and midnight-> extreme big moon and orange sun-> 漸變color and way: location_Seaside, Florida, in Florida Panhandle master-planned community,constructing a setting in a studio space 1960s postcards were used as inspiration for the film's design, natural landscape + post-production visual effect vs

reality-> cool and rational -> innovative and intensive, busy city-> restaurant the TV show studio, administration -> technology and cold color tone-> blue, black , gray-->like NASA station

2) reflection and implication

basement-> childhood style-> memory and secret + Fiji map

revolving door-> company-> imply change->inside company-> dark/ outside(get rid) sunshine

ship-, name Santa Maria,(the name of the ship in which Christopher Columbus[->0] discovered the New World> bird ->freedom christof- voice from sky--> like a god


making us of
stairs towards exit->real world-> imply meaning

frame within a frame
hidden camera capturing ,e.g. private car, rings, badge,
newspaper store

obstr ->mass running people, wheel chair clint , cars on road->traffic jam, things to stop jim's thought-> radio, tv show, poster(X Fiji), more and more danger-> Fire, leak at the nuclear plant(silver man) ,


normal : realistic and general->TV monitor and lights, in-house lighting, no special effect vs
inside the show: dramatic and intensive

generally key light- eg. talking with fd on bright ,

BUT- audience...
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