Perspectives of the American Dream

Topics: Psychology, United States, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Perspectives of the American Dream
The virtuous trip of many comes in search of the mystical treasure known as the American Dream. Thus this was the dream of Clement age forty-two and his family. His family including him lived in the nation known as the Philippines. They moved because they couldn’t afford to make a fair living in the Philippines. The American dream was the reason there family became successful, including his father who became the president of a company with no formal education given in his childhood. The way our vast region dreams is through change, change is a vital part of hope that every American believes in, dreaming is through experience and everyday life.

Clement believes in the grace of the American dream. “The American Dream {is}to excel in any chosen field no matter what social class {you} start in” (Guerrero 22 January 2012). The American dream helped his father excel and become president of a popcorn corporation. This led to Clement and his brother to receive a formal education as well as later receiving a degree in Medicine from a great school named the University of Michigan. “For (myself) personally the American dream allowed my family to live a life we wouldn’t have if we did not move here” (Guerrero 22 January 2012). He also believed that through the economic struggles the American dream still lives on. He believes the opportunity to start something big even if you fail symbolizes the American Dream. He also believes that other countries model there foundations off of the United States. He gave the example of Japan as they model off of our economic system and have had economic growth. Another example he gave was that of the election of Barack Obama in which it was telecast around the world to show someone of color winning the presidency. The workplace he believes is the place were the everyday family can provide food and shelter for their family which a lot other countries don't have. Clement thinks that people in America...
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