True Love Waits

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Group Suggestions for Introduction to True Love Waits®
by Chris White

This plan is for teaching students the biblical standards for sexual purity based on the book, Introduction to True Love Waits (ISBN 0-6331-9532-4) by Jimmy Hester. The four-session study can be taught in Sunday School, at a weeknight Bible study, on a retreat, or in a Christian club at school. An adult or student leader can guide these sessions. The books are available in packs of five for $9.95. To order copies of the book call 1-800-458-2772, visit, or write Customer Service, One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-0113. For more information on True Love Waits, visit

Copyright © 2004 LifeWay Press® Nashville, Tennessee All Scripture quotations are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible® Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 by Holman Bible Publishers. Used by permission.

they wait for time to expire. The Time Keeper will simply say “stop” when time expires. The student who has the cup when the Time Keeper says “stop” will draw a new word and continue the game. The student may be a member of the first or the second team; play does not necessarily alternate from one team to the other. If the first player’s team has not guessed the correct word when time expires, he must stop giving clues immediately. Members of the opposing team are given a few seconds to guess. If they guess correctly, the Score Keeper awards their team a point. If they do not guess correctly, the first player reads the word on his slip of paper and neither team earns a point. In any case, the first player passes the paper cup to the player to his left. That player draws a clue and play continues. When there are no words left in the cup, the game is over. The Score Keeper tallies the points and announces the winning team. List of Words: Commitment Self-respect Date Love Discipline Purity STD Standard Temptation Kiss Pledge Accountability Modesty Plague Abstinence After the game, ask students: What do these words have in common? (All of them have something to do with human sexuality.) Where do you think most teenagers get information about sex? (Possibly parents, friends, school, or television) How reliable is the information students receive? Have you ever heard the term sexual purity? How would you define sexual purity?

• Small slips of paper • Paper cup • Watch with a second hand or an egg timer • Copies of Introduction to True Love Waits • Bibles • Pens or pencils • Large sheet of paper or a chalkboard

1. Opener: Word Seize (15 min.)
Write each of the words from the list in the next column on small slips of paper. Fold each slip and put them into a paper cup. Direct students to sit in a circle and to count off to form two teams. No person should be sitting directly next to a team member unless there is an odd number of people. Designate one student as the Time Keeper and another as Score Keeper. These two students should not be assigned to a team. Play begins by the first player drawing a slip of paper from the cup and reading it silently. The player will give verbal clues to his teammates, leading them to guess the word on the slip of paper. The player can not use a form of the word, sound effect, hand movement, or body motion while giving clues. The player will have one minute to get someone on his or her team to guess the word. Players shouldn’t be able to see the timer or get clues about how much time remains. If the first player’s teammates guess the correct word, the Score Keeper awards a point to the team, and the player immediately passes the cup clockwise from player to player until time expires. Players must pass the cup; they may not hold onto it while

2. Introduction to True Love Waits (10 min.)
Give each student a copy of the book. Ask a volunteer to read the question at the top of page 8 and the answer that follows. Encourage students to stop and mark the answers on...
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