Tricare Health Plans

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TRICARE Health Plans is the replacement for CHAMPUS which was the provider of health care services for military dependents. TRICARE not only replaced CHAMPUS but its purpose was also to facilitate members with access to better health care. Unfortunately, TRICARE has gone through many changes and upheavals since its inception in 1997. First, they began by dividing the company into regions. Each member was placed into a region based on where the military member was stationed. If the member was stationed in Maryland then his family belonged to the East Region. Unfortunately, there were many problems with this plan. First, some military members and their families did not live in the same regions. Therefore, the families either had to travel long distances for care or had to fight for an out of region referral. Next, if the member and their family were in the process of moving from one duty station to another, they were in limbo. They still belonged to the original region and would not be transferred until the member was input into the new duty station's database. This caused problems as it was virtually impossible for members to acquire a referral for emergency care during their move. Essentially, TRICARE Health Plans is struggling to keep their customers happy. The attached report recommends a complete overhaul in the following areas: 1. organization design, 2. work design 3. management and leadership, 4. reversal and minimized power and organization politics, 5. quality assurance implementation, and 6. organization strategies. Based on current surveys, these changes would improve customer satisfaction and reduce lost profits due to high organizational turnover rates. Finally, TRICARE has taken several steps throughout their organization in order to ensure that their medical plans are more in line with the competitive medical health plans that are readily available.

Table of Contents

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Introduction 4 Organization Design 5 Work Design 6 Management versus Leadership 7 Power and Politics 9 Quality Assurance 9 Organizational Strategies 11 Conclusion and Recommendations 13 References 15

TRICARE Health Plans: Final Project
The company I have chosen to work for is TRICARE Health Plans. This company is the insurance provider for military and their families. Several years ago, the U.S. Department of Defense came to the conclusion that it was cheaper and more efficient to utilize contracted civilians to provide health services for military members and their families. Due to the overwhelming...

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