Trial and Error Learning in Humans Using a Virtual Maze: Gender Differences

Topics: Gender, Male, Sex Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Trail and Error Learning in Humans Using a Virtual Maze: Gender Differences

Research Design and Methodology 2

This study looked at trial and error learning in humans using a virtual maze and also looked at the gender differences. There were 16 participants from Columbus State University introductory psychology classes who were tested using the Online Psychology Laboratory Maze. An ANOVA test was done which showed there was significance for time to complete each trial and also the number of error made. But the study failed to find any significance in gender differences which could suggest farther research is need to look into this.

Trail and Error Learning in Human Using a Virtual Maze: Sex Differences Mazes have been used to test spatial memory and learning in rodents and in past years virtual mazes have been used on humans to test learning and how people explore novel situations and make decisions based on stimuli that produce desired outcomes. For this experiment the basic goal is to obtain knowledge about trial and error learning in humans. I hypothesize that the participants will make fewer errors as they complete the trials. Based on a pervious study multiple trials allow a researcher to determine how an ability can develops and changes over trials and that the importance of tasks components fluctuates during the stages of learning (O'Neill, 1978). Which suggest that the repeated trail can help the participant develop and knowledge of the maze and make fewer errors. In addition to the hypothesis I’ll be looking at the sex difference maze performance between males and females to see whether either on will out performs one another. It’s believed by Levy, Astur, and Frick, (2005) that there is a sex difference in the navigational strategies men and women choose. In their study they looked at the sex difference in spatial memory using a computerized virtual 12 arm radial maze along with a T-maze and water maze. What...
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