Trends And Perspectives In Image And Video Coding By Thomas Sikora

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This is a summary of the article “Trends and Perspectives in Image and Video Coding” by Thomas Sikora. The article addresses a study on recent activities and possible future needs in establishing image and video coding standards.
Sikora begins the article with an overview of data compression. Data compression is a process of representing an information with less number of data and at the same time maintain the quality of the image or video. There are two types of data compression; lossless and lossy compression. The article mainly presents four contributions that involve a study on:

(i) The strategies in image and video coding
In this part, Sikora outlined five strategies in image and video coding. The strategies are:
• Predictive coding...

The video coding standard starts from ITU-T H.261, H.263, and to the most advanced standard of H.264. Other than that, Sikora also reviews the development of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and the powerful MPEG-4. He reviews clearly in a form of Table 1.

(iii) Advanced strategies in image and video compression
In part IV of the article, Sikora discussed an advanced image and video compression method. He outlined three compressions coding:
• Segmentation-based images and videos coding, which an improvement from block-based coding.
• SPRITE or Panorama video coding which is a segmentation-based coding and plays an important component in MPEG-4 video coding.
• Object-based video coding which is an extension of SPRITE coding.
The three methods outlined by Sikora are the advanced and improved method in image and video compression in order to improve the compression method mentioned in part II. The main objectives of the advanced image and video compression are to attain better compression gain that will result in better image quality.

(iv) How to improve image and video compression
In part V, Sikora outlined a method on how to make an image and video coding meet the needs of users. He discussed it in three...
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