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Travelling has become an essential part of our lives nowadays . Only a short time ago , pp usually travel on foot or by horse from place to place but it’s still inconvenient when travel for a long distance . Now everything has change , pp can travel wherever they like in a shorter time than before . Travelling has many types such as travel by airway , by seaway and by land according to their function

The first type is travelling by airway . No one can deny that this is the fastest and safest kind of travelling when we travel from this country to other country .When we travel by airway , we can feel vomited , a buzzing in our ears or even dizzy and dazzled when the airplane take off . After that we can see clouds , the sun and the entire city from the sky , it’s extremely exciting that we should not miss it . In addition , we will feel more comfortable than any kind of travelling beacause the airplane fly smoothly and quietly . According to the statistic ; althought airplane is the safest , if malfunction happens nobody can survived .

Next , travelling by seaway is the second type .
Lastly , travelling can give you the chance to interact with native pp of the place you go . Talking , laughing and sharing some time with them will give you the opportunity to have a glimpse of the richness of a culture . In every travel adventure , which can either be wonderful or appalling , you usually expect to experience sth unexpectedly exciting , meaning ful or memorable that you would remember for a long time

Actinia , coral , sign a contract , habits and customs , special food

No one can deny that
Most pp would say that
There is a saying
On the whole i think that ( noi chung , toi cho rang )
As far as i am concerned ( theo suy nghi cua toi)
On the contrary = be contrary = this contradicts
Indeed ( that ra ) , on the other hand ( mat khac ) , Consequently = therefor = As a result = thus = hence “ Time is money, those that make the best use of their...
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