Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

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Advantages and disadvantages of tourism

Nowadays many people travel around the world. They get new experience, emotions, relaxation… But is it that good? In some cases a trip can be even dangerous. If it is, is the new experience worth going for a trip? One major disadvantage of tourism is that it is dangerous. There are many animals and deceases which are not common for our country, and we do not know about their existence and symptoms. When people get back they don’t pay attention to the strange symptoms until it becomes really bad. Culture difference can also cause getting into trouble. Sometimes peoples are so different that it can cost a person his life. Secondly, a trip can be very tiring, even more than work! All these flights, jet-lags, worries and losses of documents (God forbid!) get the traveler fed up. Last but not the least fact is the expensiveness of trips. A family can buy something useful for the money it spends on a trip. Nevertheless, the experience a person gets from a trip is always unforgettable! To travel is a good way to put into practice language knowledge and to improve it. Besides, exploring a new culture makes people be more intelligent and broad-minded. Knowledge which is got from a trip is incomparable with watching TV or reading books. A very important advantage of tourism is that one can relax. Some people like active rest, some prefer lying on the beach, some like to communicate, some dislike. One can choose a trip which fits his taste. It helps to escape daily routine and bright impressions will be left for the whole life. All in all, everybody should choose for himself whether or not to go for a trip but one should remember about both advantages and disadvantages.
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