Traveling as Education

Topics: Learning, Education, Trip Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Nowadays, Traveling has become an interesting activity to do. People often do travel during holiday. Traveling frequently associated with practical education. In Western advanced societies, education is considered incomplete without travelling. Most School or College nowadays get a study trip program, they go traveling to study something new and get more knowledge from the trip.

Travelling has become a powerful aid to education just because people can learn something new from what they’ve been sees. People can learn a new culture, new habit and get what is the difference between places. People can get a new perspective of the world. Travelling offers many choice of education such as history, culture, arts, language, and social. It develops our personal skills to be a better person.

Places that often used as an education activity such as museum offer a good information and trustfully resourcefulness. It provides people to learn more practical than bookish knowledge. Travelling exercises a broadening influence upon human intelligence. Travelling does not only give a better understanding of other people but at the same time enables people to have an impartial and detached view of our own accomplishments

Travelling is a source of joy and pleasure. Many Students getting bore because only study in class. In this case, travelling offers an enjoyable learning so, students may receive lessons more efficiently. This is happen because many students need a different teaching method.

Traveling promotes international understand and relations. It creates goodwill. It brings people closer and also gives an opportunity to meet some friends and relatives living in far off places. In this case, people will learn how to socialize with different people.

Traveling encourages and inspires people to be better in life because people will influenced by other things that they see during their traveling. It motivates people to study more and more to be as good as their...
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