Transportation Deregulation

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3.Which governmental entities develop transportation policy? What powers and limitations exist for these agencies?

According to the text, the three branch of government all have a part in establishing policy as it relate to transportation. All branches of government possess some limitation and regards to what control they have with the overall workings of this massive “engine that make the United States work”. With the executive branch (The President and the others that he appoint.) influences some policies. The presidential statue allow for that person to appoint the chairperson of two of the regulatory agencies the STB (Surface Transportation Board) and the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). These two agencies cover all the modes of transportation (air, land, and sea). The State Department is also involved with developing policy that covered individuals that travel in and out of the United States. U.S. Travel Services implement programs and policies directed towards people other than U. S. citizens to insure safe and securities to all. The military is also responsible for program and policies associated with goods and personnel movement. The Military Sealift Command, the Military Traffic Management and the Terminal Service all have a role to play in security and safety of these policies. Congress is where this new policy and regulations are formulated by way of forums that are held in their respected halls. The Senate has two committees, the Commerce, Science and Transportation (CST) and the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committees. The CST is responsible for the regulation of each mode of travel and the promotion of both air and water travel. The EPW role is to monitor internal waterway and harbor projects, urban mass transportation as well as the regulation of all modes of travel. Courts (Judicial System) role is to interpret laws established from the congress. The Courts are also responsible for reconciling any conflicts that may materialize during development of a business or program development. They can also base their decisions on laws that have been established congress.

6.Describe and contrast the types of public promotion that have been provided to the modes. What is the rationale for such public promotion?

Public Promotions allow for growth and the survival of certain programs that a set to help with the service to people in the country. According to the textbook, it addresses major transportation planning and promotion activities conducted in the United States public sector. Some programs involve cash investments into both public and privately owned companies. Some of these owners create policies so all that are involved could benefit; either to monetary or services. All modes transportation receives some form of public promotions and benefits that support the movement of people and goods all over this country. Air transportation has benefit greatly from public promotion. The Air Traffic Control System is a direct benefit from public promotion for air transportation. The Federal Aviation Administration is responsibility to make sure there is a system that not only standard safety but also make sure to all air assets are accounted for and are suppose to be in certain air space. Automobiles and private owners of carriers do not receive promotion however there is an indirect benefit through highway development, maintenance and safety. This is a necessary task to continue with smooth commuting processes. With the collapse of the bridge in Minnesota, local, state and federal governments are looking for ways to better improve inspections methods. Railways receive direct assistances from the public promotion activities. With the rail system (while is one of our oldest modes of transportation), the provision are attempts “to overcome the poor equipment “, which leads to poor services, poor equipment and potential lawsuit. In regards to water ways, the Army Corps of...
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