The Federal Bureaucracy (Chapter 13 Exam)

Topics: Bureaucracy, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Independent agencies of the United States government Pages: 4 (780 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Chapter Thirteen
The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government

Test Questions

Multiple Choice

1. A principle of bureaucratic organization is
(e) Hierarchical authority
job specialization
formalized rules
both hierarchical authority and formalized rules
2. Compared to the president and Congress, the bureaucracy
 (C) has a more direct impact on the daily lives of Americans 3. Whenever Congress has a perceived need for ongoing control of an economic activity, it has tended to create a (a) regulatory agency

4. All of the following statements correctly describe the typical independent agency except
(b) Its head is appointed by independent commission
5. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are
(e) Respectively, an agency…
6. Federal regulatory agencies have responsibility primarily in the area of
(a) Economic policy
7. Regulatory agencies have a(n)
(a) executive, legislative, and judicial
8. Most federal employees are hired on the basis of
(a) Merit criteria
9. Federal civil service employees cannot legally
(b) Go on strike
10. Policy implementation refers to the bureaucratic function of
(a) Carrying out decisions made by Congress, presidents, and courts
11. The functions of the bureaucratic agencies include all of the following except
(d) confirmation of those nominated by the president to head agencies
12. As distinct from the patronage and executive leadership system, the merit system for managing the bureaucracy
(c) provides for a neutral administration in the sense that civil servants are not partisan appointees, thus ensuring evenhanded work.
13. When it was developed during the Jackson administration, the patronage system was designed to
(b) make the admin more responsive to ordinary citizens
14. In response to economic demands...
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