Transforming Hris at Novartis

Topics: Management, Privacy, Strategy Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: July 22, 2006
Transforming HR AT Novartis: The HRIS

1. Challenges Faced by Novartis HR Organization in Implementation of the HRIS: -

1.The HRIS effort represented a major change in the fundamental role and responsibilities of the HR function within Novartis.

2.The impact of the new system on the relationships of HR professionals with their business partners

3.Technical challenges for system implementation such as web enabling of critical processes

2. Reasons for System Failure: -

1.Problems arise when system is designed with features to add value to business but not relevant to HR

2.Threats from Data Protection and Privacy Issues

3.Cultural differences in communication between Global branches as a result of misinterpretation that arise due to lack of commitment in implementation of HR strategy

3. Major Obstacles and How to Overcome them: -

1.Resistance by Line managers in actual implementation of this system

2.Failure to standardize the complex new HR system which increased the difficulties with subsequent implementation.

3.Risk of overselling the project in order to gain commitment which can cause problems when the system does not deliver the promised benefits

In order to overcome these obstacles, first of all the senior leadership of the company must be actively involved in the effective implementation of this new system to resolve any disagreements regarding the system design and keep the top managers on track. The role of the HR department within the company would require a more fundamental transformation i.e. a shift from a functional expert and transaction processor to strategic partner and change event.

4.After the implementation of the HRIS system it would focus more on customer service and Strategic planning with less emphasize on administration. In its new role it will be more actively involved in the overall operations of the company with greater emphasize towards the development of its employees than its product....
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