Transformational Leadership

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Why and how does Transformational Leadership Influence Subordinate’s Performance?


Leadership is perhaps one of the most important aspects of management (Weihrich, et al, 2008). This is because leaders are responsible for the future changes and development of the organization and stakeholders. Transformational leadership can be separated into 4 sections namely being idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration (Bass, 1985). These characteristics can bring new changes to the organization’s culture. Transformational leaders are not only reliable, but they also build commitment from followers which results in a sense of shared purpose (Waddock & Post, 1991). This essay will evaluate the three ways used by a transformational leader to influence subordinate’s performance by giving motivation, trust/empowerment and being charismatic based on research that have been conducted.

Transformational leadership influences subordinate performance by motivation and support for innovation. A study by Tracey & Hinkin (1998), appealing to the higher ideals and moral values of the followers are the key principles of a transformational leader. Though, Burns (1978) has a different assumption that transformational leadership is a two-end receiving concept whereby the leader and followers motivate each other to exceed expectations. This theory by Burns was reinforced by Huang,X. (2010) findings by showing that transformational leadership has a positive approach on managers using the motivational model to improve work performance. Bass (1985) further argued that with encouragement to think critically in their job, subordinates will take the challenge as a motivation to strive and this increases job satisfaction. In addition, motivation from transformational leaders will result in subordinates being more innovative even when low on organization-based self-esteem (OBSE) (Pierce, Gardner, Cummings...
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