The Five Essentials of Private Club Leadership

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The Five Essentials of Private Club Leadership

“Leadership is what ordinary people use to bring forth the best from themselves and others” (Cichy 46-58). Today research is being used to examine underlying attributes, characteristics, and behaviors of successful leaders. The authors of this journal article examine the underlying dimensions of private club leadership using principal components analysis. The five factors that were identified to be essentials of private club management were: innovation, vision, inner values, stewardship, and communication.

Researchers have described various leadership styles that consist of charismatic, transactional, and transformational leadership, on which what type of these styles is effective in performance outcomes. Authentic transformational leadership is “a revised theory of transformational leadership, which emphasizes the leader’s ethical and moral orientation. “Authentic leaders are those who genuinely desire to serve and empower others rather than seeking power, money, or prestige for themselves” (Cichy 46-58). There has also been three other ways that leadership behavior is defined; relation-oriented, task-oriented, and change-oriented. The study that was done to figure out the five essentials of private club leadership used factor analysis to show the underlying dimensions of leadership. While on the other hand general hospitality studies used descriptive statistics. “In the private club environment, club chief operating officers and club managers must provide leadership for the club membership, board, and staff” (Cichy 46-58). Since the main purpose of this study was to identify the underlying dimensions of private club leadership the reason factor analysis was used is because it is “intended to reduce a large number of variables to a smaller number of factors by grouping together variables that are correlated” (Cichy 46-58). The first factor that was identified to be an essential to private club management...

References: Cichy, Ronald, Jaemin Cha, and Bonnie J. Knutson. "The Five Essentials Of Private Club Leadership." FIU Hospitality Review 22.2 (2004): 46-58. Hospitality & Tourism Complete. Web. 29 Oct. 2013.
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