Comparison Matrix

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Running Head: Comparison Matrix Paper

Comparison Matrix Paper

Comparison Matrix
Comparison shows the characteristic of three studies conducted by different researchers. In the public sector, transformational leadership is the first study. This type of leadership has no effect on the conduct of managers. Transformational leadership is to stimulate the needs of the subordinates in harmony with the goals of the leader. Morale, motivation, and performance of the individuals within the group are increased by this style of leadership

Based on the study, employees of banking and food organizations who receive praise and recognition for their hard work tend to be loyal to the company. The data reveal that job satisfaction is one of the most important determinants that establish the success of an association.

Effective technology integration has created some obstacles for educators. Advancement in technology has impacted our daily lives both in education and society. Findings suggest that educators must come to a decision on how to incorporate technology into their syllabus. A Comparison of the Research Questions

It was mentioned that a highly structured transformational leadership can change the performance of individuals. The makeup of an organization operating under Transactional leadership can influence the amount of rewards given to individuals.

The study conducted by (Barker & Emery, 2007), some of the questions discuss was the correlation involving employees’ attitudes, commitment and job satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. Good leaders encourage and stimulate followers to discover new ways of doing things. A good leader is able to inspire individuals to perform at high levels to think outside the box for new ways of resolving issues.

The use of effective technology integration in K-12 requires changes in the basic process of training and awareness. In order for technology to be implemented effectively, school districts need to alter professional development and education standards. Modification is considered necessary to enhance instruction, activities, and delivery of content curriculum. Many stakeholders like parent, students, teachers, corporations and others might be affected by these changes. Literature Review

Wright and Pandey conducted a study by investigating the effects of the organizational makeup on transformational leadership practices of municipal chief administrative officers. They began the examination with an explanation of transformation leadership and the conditions that need to exist before transformational leadership can be successful. The examination moves to managerial makeup and the ways in which the organization can support or hold back transformational styles including formalization of processes and procedures. They also found by measuring and monitoring employee’s performance regularly would provide leaders with a strong basis with organizational rewards. They mentioned studies conducted by Bass & Riggo at the beginning, followed by references of works by Shamir, along with collected works of different people like Howell, or in some instance House & Arthur. The authors Emery & Barker examine the effect of transactional and transformational leadership on the organizational commitment and job satisfaction of customer in banking and a food store organizations. The literature review began by discussing how leaders have failed to clarify to workers their job expectation and responsibilities. At the beginning, references were made with regard to Bass and Likert. Also, works cited by others like Edwards, House and Melton followed by several other individuals. The article began with a definition of technology integration and proceeds on to talk about various theories and uses a few citations. The literature review discusses how the using technology in daily lesson plans can support...

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