Training Evaluation

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Evaluation of Training: Meaning and Types
Khan Sarfaraz Ali[1]

Training evaluation( is the objective assessment of the past to facilitate better forecasting and controlling of the future. In the context of training it is used to determine the effectiveness of a training program. Training evaluation means “any attempt to obtain information (feedback) on the effects of a training program and to assess the value of the training in the light of that information” [Hamblin]. Training evaluation is a planned process. It aims at improving the knowledge and skill of the participants, changing his behavior in the organization, improving other result areas of the. Training evaluation involves collection of information from the trainees (on both pre training and post- training situation), from his superiors, subordinates and peers.

Types and Techniques of Evaluation

There are four types of evaluation in a formal training arrangement. They are: i) Reaction: This reflects the feelings of the trainees about the training program, its methods, contents, instructors and so on. ii) Learning: This reflects the change in the level of knowledge and/or skills of the participants during training culture. This type of evaluation is accomplished through paper and pencil tests (multiple choice, true - false), performance tests, check point tests (after finishing of a particular topic). iii) Job behavior: This type of evaluation helps to determine the change in the performance of the participants as a result of training. Job behavior is done by reviewing the ability regarding frequency of complaints against the concerned individual, rate of absenteeism, decision making, handling grievance, conflict management etc. iv) Results: This type of evaluation seeks to assess the tangible results of the training program on the level of organizational performance in terms of reduced cost, higher productivity, improved safety, and decrease in employee grievances and so on. Depth...
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