Training and Development on Employees Performance

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Being a Research Project Submitted to Distance Learning Institute, (Department Of Business Administration)
University Of Lagos in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the award of Bachelor of Science Degree in
Business Administration


This research project titled The Effects of Training and Development on employees Performance by Ndih Azuka martins meets regulation governing the award of B.Sc. degree in Business Administration (Business Administration) of the University of Lagos, Akoka – yaba. Lagos

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The purpose of this research study is to obtain the effects of Training and development on the employee’s performance with particular reference to United Bank for Africa Plc.

In order to achieve this objective, sample 100 were randomly selected out of the total employees of 2060 covering both top management and senior management staff.

The statistical technique used was Chi square method. Simple percentage method was used in analyzing the questionnaires, which was presented in tabular form.

The findings are as following:
1. That Training and development bring about the needed growth for employees performance.

2. That Training and development have played an important role in the external growth of a number of leading organization

It was concluded that:

1. That training and development lead to increase in employee’s performance and output, it was gathered that majority of the respondents were of the opinion that training and development will lead to high efficiency of the organization, profitability and expansion of the organization.

2. Despite the short run initial challenges associated with training and development, it brings about long term benefits to the organization.

It is recommended that, with the immense benefits of the individual growth and corporate performance achieved through training and development, the procedure to a successful integration’s is filled with it, the issue of fair value of a successful integration’s is filled with obstacles. Training and Development have certain costs associated with it, the issue of training needs and style, procedures of training are problems face by training organization. To cope with these problems, the following suggestions are recommended.

1.There is need for adequate planning for training and development

2.There should be a proper assessment of the Training NEEDS of any proposed training both immediate and remote before training should be embark on.

3.Development of employees should be based on some meaningful criteria like managerial talents, productivity, and business growth. DEDICATION
This study is dedicated to the ALMIGHTY GOD the one who propelled me and gave me the energy to embark on this study.


I give God all the glory for making this a reality; I give him all the thanks for been my inspiration, the creator of heaven and heart, the king of kings and the unchangeable changer. I adore you for bringing this programme to history and for helping achieve my aim of finishing this programme as planned. No one can be compared to you.

I thank my supervisor Mrs U. O. Lamikari for been so patient and understanding, also for the advice and guidance given when needed to bring this research to a successful end.

My gratitude and appreciation also goes to our course adviser and other lecturers in the department for preparing us up to this level. I am indeed grateful to them all.

I also acknowledge the authors whose books are consulted.

This acknowledgement will be incomplete without saying a big thanks to my Lovely sisters Mrs. Ijeoma Dijee and Miss Ndih Helen for assisting to pay my fees in my final year in school.


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