Training and Developing Employees

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Training and Developing Employees

Multiple Choice:

1.Once employees have been recruited and selected, the next step would be: a.discipline and counseling.
b.orientation and training.
c.hiring and firing.
3.The ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes, standards, values, and patterns of behavior that are expected by the organization and its departments is: a.values projection.

d.diversity training.
5.There is the real possibility that courts will find that an employee's handbook contents represent a/an: a.falsified document.
b.contract with the employee.
c.incomplete document.
d.vague document.
7.Training of a long-term nature that has the development of current or future management employees as its aim is usually referred to as: evaluation. development. games. case studies.
8.In order for firms to stay competitive when training and development objectives change, they have to adapt by performing the following changes, except: a.improving product quality.
b.boosting productivity.
c.changing technology.
d.increasing employee turnover.
15.The first step in a training program is to conduct: evaluation. needs analysis.
c.on-the-job training.
d.job instruction training.
17.A technique for appraising the performance of current employees to determine whether training could reduce performance problems like excess scrap or low output is: a.task analysis.
b.performance analysis. analysis.
d.motivation analysis.
22.The bottom line that should result from determining training needs is: a.excellent job performance.
b.performance analysis.
c.task analysis.
d.measurable training objectives.
25.A structured process by which individuals become skilled workers through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training is referred to as: a.job instruction training.
b.apprenticeship training.
c.vestibule training.
d.computerized training.
32.A training technique in which trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they will use on the job, but in which the trainees are actually trained off the job, is: a.on-the-job training. training.
c.simulated training.
d.actual training.
37.With a workforce that is becoming increasingly assorted, many more firms find they must implement: a.teamwork training programs.
b.diversity training programs.
c.value training programs.
d.experimentation training programs.
39.The following are aims of the management development process, except: a.assessing the company's needs.
b.appraising the manager's performance.
c.developing the managers themselves.
d.enhancing the industry's performance.
41.A management training technique that involves moving a trainee from department to department in order to broaden his/her experience and identify strong and weak points is called: rotation.

b.action learning.
c.job enrichment.
d.job rotation.
43.In this management training technique, the trainee works directly with the person that he/she is to replace. What is this technique called? a.Replacement approach
b.Coaching/understudy approach
c.Succession planning
d.Direct replacement approach
46.An off-the-job management development technique that involves presenting a trainee with a written description of an organizational problem is called a(n): a.action learning program. study method. game.
d.coaching/understudy approach.
47.The following are features in the case study method, except: a.faculty providing the correct answer so students understand the case. b.the use of actual organizational problems.
c.participants stating their views and...
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