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Traditional Classes VS Online Classes

By coolthapa Apr 14, 2014 464 Words
 Education is the light that shows us the way towards our destination, and enables us to carry that precious wealth with us for generation. As generation passes by human beings have created several methods of learning. No matter how far these technologies have gone, traditional methods of learning will always be better. We should not be the one to break the tradition because traditional classes are called traditional for reasons. We are supposed to learn that way because of its effectiveness. Traditional classes offer interactions with teachers, and classmates. There is more focus in a traditional classes than online classes. Classes taken in school are based on schedule, and it makes easier for students to learn, and do their tasks. If a student takes online classes, then all responsibilities are left on him or her. I also believe traditional classes provide more effective education than online classes. If a student takes part in traditional methods of learning, then I think he/she will be socially and mentally developed. Traditional classes are based on courses, and it let individual to organize better, and learn in the better environment. Traditional classes have their policies, and procedures. In the classroom students are forced to be quit, and listen to the teacher or classmates. Students do not have many options besides learning. It is against the rule to sleep, eat and text during the class period. With the rules in the classroom, students are far less distracted, and will learn much more than online classes. Online students can violet any of the above mentioned rules because there will be no guidance, and their chance of focusing on learning is very low. Most important part of taking traditional classes is having an opportunity to interact with teacher, and classmates. If you have any problems with assignment or trouble understanding, you can go straight to the teacher for help. You can also ask classmates for help if the teacher is busy. With online classes you would have to e-mail your teacher for help. It's not guaranteed that you would get a reply back immediately. Your teacher could be without Internet connection for a period time, and you will be stuck with your problems for a while. As per my opinion; communication is the best way of learning, and it is most likely to be possible by taking traditional classes. In conclusion, I would say, learning something means to use that in real life, and that is only possible through traditional classes. I strongly believe that traditional classes can provide more effective education. Taking classes in schools or colleges can also provide more opportunities to be a part of physical education. If I have to share my opinion and knowledge, I would recommend taking traditional classes rather than taking online classes.

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