Some of the Main Causes Driving College Students to Online Classes

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Some of the Main Causes Driving College Students to Online Classes

As humans continue to progress further into a digital world, more and more new college students are choosing to attend classes online. There are many causes driving the change to online classes over traditional schools.

As far back as 1728, many schools offered correspondence or distance learning courses. These were problematic as there was very little oversight in testing or paper management. Students often had to mail in course work, leading to longer periods of time needed to grade papers. With the growth of the internet and software developers, many schools began to offer online classes. Although these early classes were usually limited to foundation courses like English Composition and History, the online catalogs of many schools has rapidly expanded. In many cases there are degree programs that offered as online classes only.

In this essay only three of the largest causes will be highlighted: Travel, Money, and Time and Flexibility.
One of the greatest causes for choosing online over traditional is travel. Often student s who cannot afford to drive or travel daily to the school of their choice will decide to attend online classes. This also allows those students who are physically unable either due to illness or physical impairment to study and possibly earn a degree.

Other students that make the choice because of travel are those that live a great distance from their chosen school. Some schools don’t even have housing or a true physical school site.
A second and equally great concern causing the choice of online instead of traditional is money. At many schools the tuition is lower for those students who choose to attend online classes, sometimes by substantial amounts.

Some schools offer free access to textbooks and many have begun to offer other reading materials or digital books as part of the class instead of the traditional textbook.
Depending on who is asked, time...
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