Online class compared to a traditional class

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Online class compared to a traditional class


Online class compared to a traditional class
Gone are the days when knowledge and information as regard specific areas of study are concealed only within the circle of elites and affluent; when skills are passed from one person to another through apprenticeship; and when reading books and going to schools or universities are the only modalities of earning an education or degree. Current rapid information propagation is made possible through technological advancement such as but not limited to computer and internet. Thus, online classes or lessons are beginning to take acknowledgment and recognition as alternatives to traditional lectures in a classroom setting. While online classes are indeed considered as breakthrough from the mainstream or conventional teaching style, the questions on its sufficiency as an alternative to the latter including its efficiency when applied to the diverse student personalities are worthy of discussion and analysis. Thus this paper ventures into describing traditional and online classes, their similarities and distinctions and more importantly their strengths and weaknesses. A conclusion would be provided at the latter part of the paper as an inference in making a stand on the most appropriate, relevant and feasible way of teaching. Traditional Class

A class setting is said to be traditional if it has been the common and prevalent practice in various social context. It is usually equated with terms such as conventional for being commonly used and accepted and mainstreamed as regard the institutionalization in school rules and regulation. The setting is usually within the four walls of the classroom containing chairs and tables for some, arm chairs for others and a combination of both in certain instances. If not black board (which is actually colored in green), a white board is usually found hanging on the front wall or standing...
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