Toyota Company Analysis

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Table of Contents

1.About Toyota 3 1.1.Vision and Mission3
1.2.Company history6

2.Industry description10
2.1.The Automotive Industry10
2.3.Porters Five Forces11
2.4.Growth Potential15
2.5.Major Competitors and Market share17
2.6.Weighted Competitive Strength AnalysisAppendix to Section 2 2.7.Auto Industry Group MapAppendix to Section 2

3.Company Description18
3.2.Research and Development20
3.3.Production and Operations22
3.4.Human resources23

4.SWOT Analysis28
4.1.Strengths 28
4.3.Opportunities 31

5.Core Competencies34

6.Strategic Alternatives36
6.1.Aggressive Growth36
6.2.Neutral Strategy36
6.3.Defensive Strategy37
6.4.Mixed Strategy37

7.Recommended Alternative38


About Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is the worlds eight largest company and the second in overall production of vehicles worldwide. It is expected to overtake GM as the leading manufacturer of automobile by 2008. Toyota Motor Corporation and its subsidiaries sold over 7.4 million passenger cars, trucks, and buses worldwide under the Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino brands in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2005. The company manufactures vehicles in 27 countries and regions throughout the world and sells them in more than 170 countries and locations. The primary focal point of Toyota Motor Corporation is the automotive Industry, but it also has a finance segment and a small involvement in other industries such as Japanese prefabricated housing, information technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Biotechnology, and E-Business. The financial services segment provides financing options to Toyota dealers and customers for the purchase or lease of Vehicles and plays a role in their subsidiary operations (Toyota Website).


Toyota doesn’t directly spell out individual mission or vision statements but they have a company philosophy that lays out a road map for stakeholders to gauge just where the company is headed and how they plan to get there. It functions much like a vision and mission statement but is presented in a different format. The following is taken from Toyotas Web site; it is the equivalent of the vision and mission statement for Toyota:

Since its founding, our company has been aiming to enrich society through car making. Our goal is to be a "good corporate citizen," constantly winning the trust and respect of the international community. Continuing in the 21st century, we aim for stable long-term growth, while striving for harmony with people, society and the environment. From this perspective, centered on the theme "Innovation into the Future," the Toyota Global Vision 2010 proposes the corporate vision for which all of Toyota should strive and the paradigm change that Toyota should undergo. Under Toyota's Guiding Principles, we practice openness and fairness in our corporate activities, strive for cleaner and safer car making, and work to make the earth a better place to live. We would like to thank everyone for their continuing support. .

Fujio Cho

Katsuaki Watanabe

Innovation into the Future - A Passion to Create a Better Society Through "Monozukuri - manufacturing of value - added products" and "technological innovation," Toyota is helping to create a more prosperous society. To achieve this, we are taking up the challenge in the themes below. (1)Be a driving force in global regeneration by implementing the most advanced environmental technologies.

(2)Create automobiles and...

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