Toyota Case Study

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culture? How is the culture maintained? If you don’t
belong to a student organization, talk to another student
who does and evaluate it using the same questions.
Steve’s and Mary’s suggested readings: G. Barna,
Master Leaders (Barna Books), 2009; Terrence E. Deal
andAllanA. Kennedy, Corporate Culture:The Rites
and Rituals of Corporate Life (Perseus Books Group,
2000); Edgar H. Schein, The Corporate Culture
Survival Guide (Jossey-Bass, 1999); and Kim S.
Cameron and Robert E. Quinn, Diagnosing and
Changing Organizational Culture (Jossey-Bass, 2005).
Find one example of a company that represents each
of the current issues in organizational culture. Describe


what the company is doing that reflects its commitment
to this culture.
In your own words, write down three things you
learned in this chapter about being a good manager.
Self-knowledge can be a powerful learning tool. Go
to and complete any of these
self-assessment exercises: What’s the Right Organizational Culture for Me? How Well Do I Respond to Turbulent Change? Am I Experiencing Work/Family
Conflict? Using the results of your assessments,
identify personal strengths and weaknesses. What will
you do to reinforce your strengths and improve your


Out of Control
ith a worldwide recall of some 8 million cars and
51 deaths that U.S. regulators say have been caused by
mechanical failures in its cars, Toyota Motor Corporation
faces a corporate crisis of epic proportions.58 What happened at the car company that had finally achieved the title of world’s largest car maker? (It overtook General Motors in 2008.) What factors contributed to the mess it now found itself in? At the core of Toyota’s manufacturing prowess is the Toyota Production System (TPS), which has long been touted and revered ing Means Good Product.” Taiichi Ohno, a long-time Toyota executive, is as a model of...
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