Toyota Case Study

Topics: Toyota, Corporation, Public relations Pages: 4 (1001 words) Published: July 7, 2010
Toyota case study

This case study examines the corporate communication in Toyota 2010 Global Vision programme.

Consider the vision articulated by Toyota and its alignment with the company’s image with external stakeholders and the internal culture. Is there sufficient alignment between vision, culture and image? Is there potential for any gaps to emerge between them? In 2002 Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has adopted 2010 Global Vision programme as a new strategy. The programme is focused on long-term policies for the company aiming to create a more prosperous society, become the most advanced environmental technologies, create safely, securely and comfortable vehicles, achieve a large increase in fans number and be a truly global company. The company’s goal is to be a good corporate citizen’ winning respect and trust from the international community. The company’s image was Toyota has received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Global Climate Protection Award 1998 for its Prius developing, the first worlds hybrid passenger vehicle. This award shows the company’s alignment with its external stakeholders that had the desired perception about the company as Toyota intended initially. The organization has also worked with local communities investing in education, environment, culture and arts

Internally, the company is also aligned with its goal. The company used bulletins, environmental pocket books, seminars, events on the environmental month, and screening movies to inform and encourage the employees about environmental issues. The company created ‘Awards for Good Conduct’ for employees that got involved with volunteer activities like cleaning up riverbanks and tree planting. Toyotas has aligned its vision and culture. Cornelissen (2008) suggests that the three questions needs to be answered to verify the alignment. In this case Toyota is practicing the values promoted, the company’s vision of harmony with people, environment and...
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