Toyota Case

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Toyota Case Study

Question number 1:
Read the Toyota case study and answer the following question: Consider the vision articulated by Toyota and its alignment with the company’s image among external stakeholders and the company’s internal culture. Is there sufficient alignment between vision, culture and image? What gaps emerged and how can Toyota address these gaps?

When examining the values of a company, one must take into account the different metrics which make up the way that a company is perceived. Vision, Image, and Culture of a company must be aligned in order for a company to achieve an optimal result. When there is a gap in the cohesiveness of these aspects, a company will experience setbacks or worse, a crisis. In the beginning of 2009, Toyota realized their goal of overtaking General Motors in 2008 as the world’s largest automaker. This was a goal they had been chasing for over a decade. The year before, in 2007, their share of the market was only different by about 3,000 vehicles, with GM remaining the leader. It was an environment that Toyota had been working to create for many years. Then the calendar turned to 2010 and a crisis broke. The vehicles Toyota marketed as reliable, safe, and efficient had a major problem. The company had to react. Before we visit the way that the company reacted, we must first ask ourselves the question. How did we get here? The answer for Toyota is quite simple, but the reasons behind it are more construed. Obviously, working to overtake a giant in the automotive world, a proper strategy must be created and followed. Toyota tried to spread its Vision through the metaphore of the tree, a strong and always growing and flourishing organism, that is set in an human environment and reminds the importance of the customers, for whom the company work for. The roots represent the core values of Toyota, that are the basis and the motivation of its work. The fruits of the tree are the...
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