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Toyota: Building Cleaner, Greener Cars
1. How does Toyota’s approach to social responsibility relate to the three concepts of social responsibility described in the text? Profit responsibility: holds that the company has a simple duty: to maximize profits for their owners or stockholders. As mentioned in Toyota case, Toyota started from the year 1930 and has brought huge profits from many brands such as Corolla with 270 million purchased in more than 140 countries. Besides, the company also developed by many activities through many years. Stakeholder responsibility: focuses on the obligations an organization has to those who can affect achievement of its objectives. In 2010 Toyota’s sales and distribution organization includes 1232 Toyota dealers and 229 Lexus dealers. Societal responsibility: Geek Squad has proved the fact that they are caring about the society by building the respect to others and especially the environment. Moreover, according to Jana Hartline, the value is creating a unique corporate environment. 2. How does Toyota’s view of sustainable mobility contribute to the company’s overall mission? Today, Toyota is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer. The company is ranked the eighth largest corporation by Fortune magazine. The company’s core principle is “to contribute to society and the economy by producing high-quality products and services.” Its success is often attributed to a business philosophy referred to as “The Toyota Way.” The Toyota Way is a business philosophy used to

(1) Improve processes and products
(2) Build trust
(3) Empower individuals and teams
Toyota really care about the values of the environment so they have set a five-year environmental action plan in order to gain public attention about what they are doing is to help the environment. They operate the plan within five areas: Energy and climate change

Recycling and Resource...
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