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1. Executive Summary:
It’s toy time is a specialty toy retailer, operating in Banani 11 no. shop no.1. We are a company that helps to grow the creative power of our children.Our success is our employees and the unique service they render. The large variety of toys at lower prices, the fun-filled atmosphere and service is all that It’s toy time provides its customers.We are the only company who thinks about a childs mental development but not only entertainment.

2. Company Information:
Name: IT’S TOY TIME Inc.
Location: Shop no. 1, Banani 11 no. (Beside Mother Care) Dhaka, 1213 Bangladesh. (We chose it because we were looking for such an area which will help us increase our sales and eventually grow our profit consistently as this location can attract our target market as it’s beside MOTHER CARE) Shop Size: 750 sq. feet

Rent Expense: 262,500 k ( including water expense)
Advance deposit: 30,00,000 k (for 3 years contract)
Electricity Expense: (2000-3000)k (depending on the usage) Telephone Expensek with International roaming (depending on the usage) Color Pattern of Showroom: Yellow, Baby pink and Sky Blue

Type: Privately held Company
Industry: Retail
Website: www.Its’
Logo: It’s toy time
Short term: To provide innovative, educational toys and improve the learning curve of children of Bangladesh through the use of interactive toys. Long term: Create a profitable company as well as improving creative power of Bangladeshi children.

Mission statement:
It’s Toy time's mission is to import the highest quality educational toys available. The more children that learn basic functions from our toys, the more successful we are. Corporate strategy

Develop unique selection of creative, educational, engaging toys. To cover greater market share.
Continuously reviewing our inventory and sales and adjusting our inventory levels accordingly. Business strategy
We offer safe high quality educational toys in fair and competitive prices and strive for 100% customer satisfaction unlike other companies who sale only fun toys for their own profit.

3. Human Resource Management:
Organizational structure of It’s toy time:
Staffing the organization:

Two system:
1.For Upper level Managers
2. For lower level Employees Both Internal and External Recruiting
Application forms
Interview( selected)
Assessment tests
On the job training
Employees and Salaries:
Upper Level Management:
Mr. Muhammad
TK. 100000
Ms.Samira Rahman
Managing Director
Tk. 50000
Mr.Mehedi Hasan
GM Administration
TK. 50000
Mr.Ashiqur Rahman Chowdhury
GM Procurement
Tk. 50000
Mr.Rafsun Jani Chowdhury
GM Finance
Tk. 50000
Sayed Istiake
GM Marketing
TK. 50000

Lower level Management:
Salary and Wages/ person
TK. 700
TK. 4500
TK. 7000

4. Marketing Mix:
External Marketing Environments:
Political Environment
Doing a business under our recent political system is really challenging as it is varying from time to time. Social Environment
Ours is a creative and specialized store so its difficult to forecast its acceptance in society. Technological Environment
If other competitors bring more technical toys than ours it would be a our biggest threat....
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