Toys by, Barthes

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Toys by, Barthes

In: “Toys” Barthes goes over his thoughts and findings on (French Toys). I found the story an odd read due to the content of Barthes writings. Having toys as a child I can see the related issues he brings up in his writings about (Dolls) and (Military) toys for children and the way they help to raise them in to adult hood. It is a very straight forward way of thing and in our day in age now, quite barbaric thinking.

Many children today do not play with (Toys). The children of today play with computerized games and watch television. It is important for a child to play and to express one’s self in order to grow in a functional world. I can concede that playing with dolls will help a girl later in life with becoming a compassionate mother. And for boys playing with toy soldiers will help set the frame of mind for battle. But with each (Toy), the child needs parents to help understand the difference of right and wrong.

I also found in Barthes writings the mention of other types of toys, such as blocks made of wood and trains and plastic toys, some even made of metal. Each of these are great things to play with, due to the fact they are made up of different properties. The touch and feel of toys and even the color and texture are important in making a great toy. Playing in general is a great way to grow mentally and physically. That should have been the thinking of Barthes. It is very important for a child to grow mentally and to make the brain have complete nutrition, for what life will bring on.
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