Contribute to the Support of Children and Young People’s Development Through Play.

Topics: Learning, The Child, Play Pages: 5 (2033 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Contribute to the support of children and young people’s development through play.
In this assignment I plan to explain how play helps to improve the development of children and young people. Play is extremely important for the development of children. It is important that from a young age children play with things like toys and even with other children. Between the ages of 0 – 3 is when children develop the most. Through play children can improve their fine and gross motor skills by using toys such as shape sorters and using musical tables which have buttons and things to turn. This helps to develop fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are developed through crawling and learning to walk. If children have toys that are spread out whilst playing then it will encourage them to either crawl or try to walk to retrieve the toys that they want to play with. It is important that also at this age that children start to use cutlery, for example being given a spoon as a baby so that they can learn to feed themselves, and this also helps to develop their fine motor skills. Also playing with toys such as shape sorters can also help with intellectual development as children begin to become more aware of which shape is which, They may not know what they are called but they begin to recognise a pattern in the shapes and which hole they need to sort them into. Also this is a good toy to use as parents can praise their child and this will improve their self-esteem. It is also important at this age for children to play with other children as this will teach them to share and also they will learn to manage their own feelings as parents cannot always be there to remind children to share so the child will have to figure it out on their own sometimes in situations such as play groups. Also play can help children to learn to interact with other children. This develops their social development by them being able to make friends. Also this can develop their language and communication skills as when children make friends they will engage in conversations and develop their communication skills. Also if children attend things like play group they will interact with their careers and they will also learn to ask to do things that they want to do. For example in Bizzy Bee’s playgroup if a child was unsure of what they wanted to do we would give them a choice. ‘Would you like to play in the sand or colour?’ This makes it easier for children to make decisions and they have had the support from a staff member. Children thrive from praise and encouragement so I always make sure that if a child has done something good that I praise them and in some cases give stickers or treats. For example, If my 1:1 completed all of his work he would be rewarded with a sticker and praise. This is a strategy that we use to encourage his good behaviour as he needs constant reminders that bad behaviour is unacceptable. He is constantly developing his communication skills, I have seen that since his communication skills have improved he is less likely to just scream and act out in anger and he will try and tell you what is making him upset, as a lot of the time he cannot explain what the matter is and therefore gets frustrated.

There is a difference between adult directed play and child initiated play. For example adult directed play is telling a child what do play with whereas child initiated play is when a child chooses what they want to play with. By an adult telling a child what to play with this can seriously affect them being able to make decisions later on in life as they will learn to expect to be told what to do so when it comes to making choices such as which college to go to or what subjects to take they won’t know what they want and will be expected to be told. They will not have a sense of independence and also this can affect their ability to make friends as they will tend to just ‘follow the heard’. However, in situations such as play groups there will be...
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