Toxic People and Relationships

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Toxic People & Relationships

We all have people in our lives that have profoundly harmed us. Sometimes the situation with this other person has changed. You may have forgiven them and they may even have taken ownership and expressed remorse for their harmful actions. Other times, the same harmful behavior goes on with no change or responsibility. Those kinds of people are defined as toxic. Toxic people should be avoided at all cost because they will eventually suck the life out of you. Nothing! Absolutely Nothing good comes from being in any kind of relationship with a toxic person.

A toxic person is someone who complains all the time, blames you for their problems, drains you of your energy and dumps negative feelings on to you. They are basically a leech and should be avoided because they will eventually suck the life out of you. I personally have lots of experience with toxic people and toxic relationships. I had a friend who had a toxic personality it took me years to figure out why every time she came around I would most likely end up feeling so exhausted. I also had an ex with a toxic personality and I have a couple family members who are toxic too. So by the end of this speech you will all know how to spot a toxic person or relationship. You will know how they should be avoided and how to cut them out of your life entirely. Toxic people come in various forms and shapes and they all should be avoided because they carry a lot of anger that will eventually blow up in your face. They also can be unpredictable, very controlling, jealous, insecure, extremely sensitive, disrespectful, fake, conniving, and unreliable. They will gossip about you behind your back and put you down any chance they can get. They will do everything to kill your joy and your dreams. They will try their best to manipulate you to get what they want. You can’t trust them. Toxic people will rob you of your life if you allow them and you may end up behaving just like them…. The...

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