Toxic Leadership

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Toxic Leadership
The abuse of power and it destructiveness
How to spot it and how to avoid it

Toxic leadership as a concept was coined by Marcia Lynn Whicker, in her book: "Toxic Leaders: When Organizations Go Bad" [New York: Doubleday, 1996. This phrase is linked with a number of dysfunctional leadership styles.

This is someone who has responsibility over a group of people or an organisation, and who abuses the leader-follower relationship and who leaves the group or organization in a poorer condition after they have left. Barbara Kellerman suggests in "Bad Leadership: What It Is, How It Happens, Why It Matters" [2004] - that it may be analysed into seven different types: She identifies these types

* Incompetence
* Rigidity
* Intemperance - lack of self-control
* Callousness
* Corruption
* Insularity
* Evil
Marcia Whicker describes toxic leaders as "maladjusted, malcontent, and often malevolent, even malicious. They succeed by tearing others down. They glory in turf protection, fighting and controlling rather than uplifting followers." Analyst Gillian Flynn provides a graphic description of a toxic manager as the: "manager who bullies, threatens, yells. The manager whose mood swings determine the climate of the office on any given workday. Who forces employees to whisper in sympathy in cubicles and hallways. The backbiting, belittling boss from hell. Call it what you want - poor interpersonal skills, unfortunate office practices - but some people, by sheer shameful force of their personalities make working for them rotten."

We got the chance to intreview one individual and find out if they had any pesornal experince with a toxic leader. INTRVEW ONE:I have twice in my career had the misfortune of working for a toxic boss. These guys were terrible to work for and made people's lives an absolute misery. In business terms their "games" were always counter productive as everyone expended far more energy in trying...
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