Tour Operator

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Unit 13:
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Tour Operations
T/600/9498 BTEC National 10

Guided learning hours: 60
Aim and purpose
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of the dynamic and challenging world of tour operations and for them to appreciate the variety of tour operators’ products and services. Learners will gain knowledge of how tour operators plan, sell and administer a package holiday programme and will also develop practical skills to plan and cost a package holiday.

Unit introduction
Every year millions of people turn to tour operators to provide them with holidays to all corners of the world. In this unit learners will explore how tour operators link with different types of travel and tourism organisations to provide a wide range of holiday experiences. They will see that tour operators must respond to legislation and external influences, and also face many challenges in the constantly changing travel and tourism sector. Learners will investigate these challenges and the ways in which tour operators respond to them. Tour operators are at the forefront of the travel and tourism sector, constantly seeking out new destinations and holiday experiences to satisfy the ever-demanding and ever-changing needs of today’s holidaymakers. Different types of tour operators will be identified and learners will examine how they develop an extensive portfolio of products and services to meet differing customer needs. Whatever their size, tour operators must work through the same processes when planning, developing, selling and operating their holiday programmes. These different functions will be examined and time scales identified. Learners will find that tour operators compete in a commercially sensitive environment and they will identify how commercial considerations inform many of the business practices. Practical skills will be developed in the planning and costing of a tour operator’s package holiday, allowing learners to appreciate some of the commercial decisions to be made in this competitive industry.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

1 2 3 4

Understand the tour operations environment Know the range of products and services offered by tour operators for different target markets Know how tour operators plan, sell, administer and operate a package holiday programme Be able to plan and cost a package holiday.

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Unit content
1 Understand the tour operations environment
Links with other component industries: travel agents; transport providers; accommodation providers; providers of ancillary products and services eg insurance, car hire; horizontal and vertical integration Links with trade and regulatory bodies: The Travel Association (ABTA); Federation of Tour Operators (FTO); Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO); UKInbound; Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Legal framework: EU Package Travel Regulations; consumer protection eg Trades Description Act, Consumer Protection Act, Disability Discrimination Act; contract law; licensing eg Air Transport Operators Licence (ATOL) External influences: environmental eg hurricanes, floods; political eg terrorism, strikes. taxes; economic eg currency fluctuations, price of oil; social eg UK demographics, exploitation in host country; technological eg internet, computerised reservation systems Challenges: eg dynamic packaging, distribution channels, integration, budget airlines, maintaining market share, trend towards independent travel, responsible tourism

2 Know the range of products and services offered by tour operators for different target markets Tour operator categories: outbound; inbound; domestic; specialist; mass market Products and services: components of standard package; tailor made; range of destinations; accommodation choices; transport options; ancillary...
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