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Topics: Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Tour Guide Speech
Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Nurul Hasanah, your tour guide for today. I am willing to guide and assist you all. And now we’re going to explore and see the beauty of Makassar. Okay, Makassar formerly called Ujung Pandang is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi and the largest city in Sulawesi Island. Makassar has become the primary port and airline hub of the eastern archipelago, the thousands of remote islands being developed and incorporated into the mainstream of Indonesian society and economy. Makassar also famous with the Phinisi Ship as a symbol and the time is in GMT+7. Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen our first destination is Fort Rotterdam. Fort Rotterdam also knows Benteng Makassar or La Galigo. This is a historical artifact of the greatness of the past kingdom of South Sulawesi. During the Dutch colonialism, the fort was rebuilt and renamed "Fort Rotterdam". During the period the fort and its area started to be the center of governmental and commercial activity. During the Japanese colonialism the fort functioned as the center of agricultural and language studies. The shape of this building is like a turtle want to go to the sea because fort Rotterdam located near of sea. To enter the Fort Rotterdam, it is about Rp 5000,-. In there you can find many things about the history of South Sulawesi like the culture until the government. In this place you also can buy a book which helped you to get more information about the history of fort Rotterdam. Well, we move to the next destination is Karebosi Square. This is one of the famous soccer field in Makassar. Under the ground of the soccer field, there is a shopping center called Karebosi Link. There, you can buy many things such as shirts, skirts, shoes from the famous brand until many kinds of food. Near from the K-Link, also there is shopping center again called Mall Trade Center. First floor for shoes and bags, second floor for many kinds of shirt , third floor for hand phone...
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