Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Bali, Indonesia, Tourism in Indonesia Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Compare and Contrast Essay

Bandung City and Bali

Do you know that both Bandung City and Bali are famous countries in Indonesia? I hope you know about it because tourists like to visit there in holiday. And besides that, both of them are my favorite’s holiday countries. I think they are the best place to spend time when you confront with problem which disturbs your mind. They can be seen in two sides; the popular places and the characteristic of people.

Bandung City and Bali have two similarities. You can see it in two sides; the popular places and the characteristic of people. I want to explain to you about the famous place between them first. Bandung and Bali are interesting places which must be visited by tourist. Both of them have many famous factory outlet which sell clothes and gifts. Because of that, they become the popular places in Indonesia. So no wonder, if many tourists like to come to Bandung City and Bali to spend their time for holiday and they never forget to shopping there. And do you know that Bandung City is called as a Mode City in Indonesia? Like Bali, Bandung City has many famous factory outlets such as: The summit, Metamorf, Heritage, Flashy, etc. In addition, many factory outlets sell items cheaper than their expectation and the quality is as great as gifts and clothes from their countries. So that's why a lot of tourist really likes shopping there. Although they have many similarities in factory outlet, they also have the similarities characteristic of people. People in Bandung City and Bali are friendly and kind. Like Bandung, people in Bali like to help someone who has problem in his/her life. They will try to solve their problem as long as they can. Do you know why they really like to help somebody?? It's an affect of cultures of Indonesia. Someone, who was born in Indonesia, always be taught by their parents.

Despite they have some similarities, they have some differences too. First, i will tell about...
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