Total Quality Management

Topics: Quality management, Total quality management, PDCA Pages: 4 (1512 words) Published: January 14, 2014
Chapter 1
1.“Quality is a dynamic state associated with products, services, people, processes, and environments that meet or exceeds expectations and help produce superior value. (Goetsch & Davi, 2013) 2.The total quality approach is as follows: “Total quality consists of the continual improvement of people, processes, products (including services), and environments. With total quality anything and everything that affects quality is a target for continual improvement. When the total quality concept is effectively applied, the end results can include organizational excellence, superior value, and global competiveness.” (Goetsch & Davi, 2013) 3.The key elements of total quality are composed of 11 elements. a.Strategically based is the element that says an organization needs a plan. Without this plan being in place, it will not be possible to complete the broad objectives. b.Customer focus is divided into two sub categories. Internal customers loosely define the intangible assets to include people, processes, and environments. External elements define the quality of the delivered product or rendered services. c.Obsession with quality simply put means that an organization will never be satisfied. A mantra of “I can only pat myself on my back on the ride home for my accomplishment, because tomorrow is a new day” has to be accepted. d.Scientific approach means that data is used to aid in decisions making process. While there is a place for the softer science, good data is pertinent to a good choice. e.Long-Term commitment means that organizations find ways to avoid the sudden rush of a new process that quickly burns out as employees lose interest. To have a long-term change, processes need to be implemented that will be steady through the ages. f.Teamwork leads to internal competiveness which ignites employees desire to succeed. In return, output is usually a higher quality. g.Continual process improvement is an evergreen process. Once a...
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