Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management
1. Concepts and Applications of TQM at Ritz Carlton Hotel Total quality management is a criterion for managing people, tasks and processes to ensure the best quality service/product which guarantees complete customer satisfaction. It is an aspect of management which solely focuses on quality as its prime success factor. Total Quality Management (TQM) is the set of management processes and systems that create delighted customers through empowered employees, leading to higher revenue and lower cost. The focus of a company on accuracy closer to Six Sigma is essential for the application of TQM. * Prevention is better than cure: Avoiding mistakes from happening in the first place is essential for TQM application. * Quality is product meeting the description: Since the customer is the king, the product description should match the requirements completely. * Standards should be maintained: The product should be benchmarked and standards should be maintained throughout. * Zero Defects: Crucially important and correlates with the fact that if standards are maintained, there will not be any defects in the product. * Continuous Improvement: There cannot be TQM achieved unless there is a constant improvement in the quality of the product or service. * Employee Involvement: It would be unwise for any organization to expect TQM without the important input of its employees. A combination of all the six steps above result in the implementation of true total quality management practices. Without a balance in the above elements, it is not possible for there to be true TQM in any organization, be it a product manufacturing company or a service firm. Ritz Carlton hotel has devised programs for each of these elements in order to ensure that the customer gets the right service the first time, the service quality does not go down the next time and that the employees contribute towards greater development in order to improve the overall quality of the service 2. TQM and Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton has an especially trained team of quality management executives who spend about one fourth of their time on discussing and resolving quality related matters. Weekly meetings are held to discuss product and service quality, guest satisfaction, profits and competitive status in the industry, competition and market growth and development. Ritz Carlton believes that the secret to effective quality management is to hire efficient staff that understands the guests’ needs and caters to them immediately Quality Planning

In the hospitality industry, quality is of extreme importance but unfortunately so far the focus has only been on training front line staff to ensure guest satisfaction. When a customer stays at a hotel, his perception of quality is defined by reliability, assurance and empathy. Ritz Carlton has set this perceived quality as its target and to achieve it emphasizes on predictability, integrity and timeliness. All three factors combined lead to customer’s satisfaction.

Quality Control
Some measurement techniques have already been adopted by hotels including Ritz Carlton. Advance technology is being utilized to the maximum benefits by employing automated building and safety systems to computerized reservation system; Ritz Carlton is coming up with more user friendly mechanisms to enhance customer satisfaction. The employees are trained to note down the likes, dislikes and preferences of guests and this data is entered in a database which ensures a quality service to repeated guests as per their preference

Quality Improvement
The hotel industry can achieve quality improvement without the using the sophisticated statistical techniques normally used by the manufacturing industry. The company collect and analyze information regarding customer satisfaction, product and service quality, cycle time (time take to recognize and satisfy a customer need), financial data and employee records and...
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