Topology Design and Cabling Specifications

Topics: Ethernet, Computer network, Network topology Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: July 21, 2010
Cabling Specifications
1000Base-T Networks in each office.
oThe 1000Base-T network will allow for more room for expansion over the more commonly used 100Base-T network. We will use this since these are new networks and there is a good chance we will need this expansion room in the future. oThe 1000Base-T networks will run over Category 6 Ethernet cabling using four twisted pair of wiring because the 1000Base-T network requires this. Again, Category 5 cable is more commonly used, however, these being new networks; we want to use the better and more expandable utilities so that they do not need to be redone anytime in the near future. oThe four twisted pair of wire in the Cat.6 cable will be STP, or shielded twisted pair. The shielded wire will be less susceptible to electrical interference from other wiring or equipment near where it is ran (University of South Florida, 1997-2009). oThe Cat 6 cable used for these networks cannot exceed 100-meter (328 ft.) lengths in each segment. If longer sections are used, data loss starts to occur. oRJ-45 connectors will be used for all connections in each network.

Local Area Network (LAN) Topologies
After recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of network topology, I have chosen to use the star model for the topology in each of the offices for the company. This topology will allow the networks to effectively connect all the equipment that each office will need. The office employees will be able to connect to their fax machines to connect to customers and other employees and management, printers to more effectively do their jobs, and other computers for data they may need for their work. The star topology is cost effective because all of the nodes, or nodes, on the network are all connected together by a hub. The hub routes data from one node to its intended destination. Most of the cost of the star topology is in the cable since each node has its own cable connecting it to the hub...
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