Topics in Luxury

Topics: European Commission, Strategy, Branding Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: December 21, 2010
Two topics required, to be selected by students:

First one from the following list

. Refining the target: cruises, tourists’ migrations studies for one or several countries. . Strategy for internationalisation processes by means of airlines, airports and hubs. . Stock and shares consolidation in the luxury sector (files can be provided if asked for).

. Ethics and CSR in the luxury world.
. The use of advocacy advertising in the luxury world.
. Using exchange rates in the luxury world.
. Brand stretching and luxury: the role of sub and flanker brands. . Destination luxury: anticipating trends. Hotels and countries choices. . Washington regulation: from banned raw materials to counterfeit goods. TRIP’s and WTO.

. Brand culture in the luxury world and the diffusion models. . Luxury and Innovation: using the Hofstede model.
. Vintage, second-hand, customization, tailor made: do this models stick to every country’s needs?
. Conception - Design: Ethno, poly, regio or geo centric positioning ? . Metastructures and multibrands strategies. Vertical integrations in luxury. . Luxury crisis and their economic counterparts. Strategic analysis. . From mass tige to a new skimming strategy. The inner decoration, esthaetic surgery and spas models.

. Evolutions of the distribution chanels : multipriced strategies. The blooming of price- hunters and the move towards hyperluxury.
. From female to male luxury : comparative kinetics in different countries. . New consumers for luxury : new countries, new behavioral marketing….. Elongating the long tail of the power’s laws.
. CMR and luxury. : from PR to the strictly private web
. Can the Luxury fashion brand store atmosphere be transferred to the Internet ? . Financial communication in luxury.
. Blooming countries: who might be the winners? Specific and comparative analysis. . The evolution of the theory of Brand Culture in the luxury world. . The specific case of the travel and duty free retail. How to...
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