A Case Study of the Ritz-Carlton

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Establishing a strong brand image nationally can be challenging, and even more challenging internationally. Having standardization across geographical regions is critical for strategic planning. The Ritz-Carlton has excelled in establishing their well-known luxury brand across the world by establishing and adhering to their own standards, known as the Gold Standards. They have also established a unique set and order of business priority measurements and have one of the best training programs for employees and professionals. These models and practices enable The Ritz-Carlton to deliver consistent superior service regardless the culture or country they operate their hotels in. In turn, their consistent service allows them to achieve superior success compared to their competitors.
The Ritz-Carlton and their employees are strict followers of their Gold Standards. Their Gold Standards are the foundation of their company, in which they encompass the values and philosophy by which they operate. The Gold Standards consist of The Credo, The Motto, The Three Steps of Service, Service Values, The 6th Diamond, and The Employee Promise The Rtiz-Carlton, 2012). To sum up The Credo, it essentially holds to the value of providing genuine care and comfort to all guests and to fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of their guests. The Credo is written on a small card which is part of the employee’s uniform and must carry with them at all time. A director of public relations, Bonnie Crail, says that everyone takes pride in carrying the credo card, and each day during the daily line-up, they discuss the Gold Standards in depth. This happens every day, in every Ritz-Carlton hotel around the world (Younger and Trochil, 2004, p. 1). Therefore, the employees, referred to as Ladies and Gentlemen, are able to deliver quality service above the industry standard. This sometimes means some guest may make unusual requests. John Timmerman, The Ritz-Carlton’s vice president of

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