Too Much Punch For Judy

Topics: Theatre, Drama, Play Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: December 3, 2013
A1 Drama Piece- Section A essay

The piece was a devised piece of drama called ‘Fire’, set in 2011 in the outskirts of London. It was about a schizophrenic teenage girl whose conscience persuaded her to undertake risky activities. The stimulus for our play was a song called ‘I hate Mondays’ from which we fashioned a piece of physical theatre on. We also used gun crime statistics as well as the life of 50 cent to help develop and influence our drama. I played the part of Olivia’s conscience and also her teacher. For the character of the conscience I wore simple black clothing, identical to Olivia’s to symbolize being her. When playing the conscience I altered my movement to delicate yet sneaky. The makeup was very simple to keep to the naturalism of the play. I also played the part of the teacher, wearing a tie to symbolize the character change. The genre of the piece was a psychological drama and the style was non-naturalistic with elements of naturalism. We used several techniques to improve our piece such as flashbacks, narration and physical theatre to keep the audience interested. It was set in the 21st century, the year 2011. I acted alongside 4 other girls in an intimate drama studio setting with raked seating with an end on stage. Throughout the play we used simple a lighting design that included spotlights, to add emphasis on monologues; slow fades to indicate the end of a scene and a blackout for a sudden end. We also used red gels for a surreal atmosphere in the dream scene. In addition, songs such as ‘Hide and Seek’ by Imogen Heap were used to create a mysterious, dark atmosphere. Our target audience was 15+ as some of the concepts were quite mature ie, sexual abuse and arson. We used 1 frame which acted as a door and a mirror. A rostra in centre back of the stage was used as a bed. We didn’t use many props except from a few wine bottles, gasoline tubs and ripped pieces of paper in the ending sequence to symbolize the fire.
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