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To Kill a Mocking Bird Questions (Page One)

Oct 29, 2008 397 Words
To kill a mocking bird questions (page one)

1) What did you learn in the chapters about Maycomb, Atticus, Jem and Calpurnia? I learned that Maycomb is a quiet old little town in Alabama that Atticus, Jem, scout and Calpurnia live in. Atticus is the father of Jem and scout who is a wise old man that knows when to talk and when to keep quiet. Jem is the son of Atticus who fits the description of a tomboy that never fails to take on dares or be proven wrong. Calpurnia is the black maid of Atticus that can read and write unlike most other black people in her time.

2) What did you learn about Dill's Character?
Dill is a friend of Jem and scout who comes over every summer. Dill is also a daring and cunning leader that says he is going to marry scout when he grows older.

3) What has happened to Arthur 'Boo' Radley?
Boo is Arthur’s nickname because he is locked up in his house by his father because a few years back he got in with the wrong group, so he was going to be sent away but his dad said that if the judge allowed him a second change he would cause no more trouble

4) Why does the Radley place fascinate Jem, scout, and dill? The Radley place fascinates Jem, scout and Dill because they never see “Boo” come out, making it hold an aura of mystery

5) Describe the Narrators voice?
The narrators voice sounds has a drawl to it with a little slurring and misspelling to make the words sound just as they are written.

1) Why is scout looking forward to school?
Scout is looking forward to school because she longs to join in with all the adventures Jem had at school.

2) Why does Jem want nothing to do with scout at school?
Jem wants nothing to do with scout at school because there 4 years apart in age, which makes Jem feel that scout is too young to join his group.

3) What do you think of Miss Fisher as a teacher? Support you answer with evidence from the chapter? I think Miss Fisher is a very novice teacher that needs more experience to deal with her class fairly such as when she told scout to unlearn how to read.

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