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Market penetration stratergies of magi noodles
Promotional campanes in schools
Advertising stratergies * Focusing on kids
Availability in diff pack sizes * Packaging is the biggest plus point of magi market penetration * They have product available in all sizes to tap the categories of consumer
New product innovations
Following are the stratergies undertaken by magi to launch new products * Nestle sa introduced magi brand in india by 1982 with launch of magi 2min prod as instant noodles product * With launch of magi noodles nil created entirely new food category instant noodles in the Indian packeg food market bcz of its frst mover advantage nil successfully managed to rtain its leadership in instant noodle categories even until 2000s * They launch campan test b health b nw bcomes synonymus with magi * They changed the jingle of magi instant noodles campaign it was pretty catchy and went down well with target audience children * Nil started offering healthy prod to their consumers bcz they knw that if they have to tap Indian consumers they have to focus on health benefits * Focus on wellness n nutrition factor * The company moved away frm not so healthy maida to make its noodles and launched the magi veg aata noodles followed by dal aata noodles and finally rice noodles varients

The first point used by Yippee to position itself as a better alternative over Maggi was that it was telling the customers that they should have the choice of variety of masala with two variants in their product portfolio – Classic and Magic. The stress was made upon the point that we want choices in each and everything in life so why not have a choice while having instant noodles.
2 – The second point focused on the shape of the contents within the pack. The contents in other options available are in rectangular shape which have to be broken which leads to short pieces of noodles, where as in Yippee noodle pack the cake is in round

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