Title E-books or print books: which do you prefer?

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Title E-books or print books: which do you prefer?
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to present the some basic aspects of e-book and print book. The methodology of this paper is using the bibliography and the statistics attempts to give some specific analysis about e-book and print book as a whole. The study found a much higher use of e-book over print book, and the trend of personal preference is not only restricted to the group of students but the whole younger generation. The result of this paper offers the individuals a new idea to consider for ebooks purchase.
Keywords User preference, Surveys, E-Books, Print books Paper In the contemporary society, it is generally believed that books play an indispensable role in the development of human society. Apart from the print books, there is another kind of books---electronic books, which poses a challenge to the position of paper quality books. However, there is no unanimous consensus on whether the print books should be substituted for the digital books yet. On the one hand, some people think the golden age of print books in gone, and we should pay more attention to the modern technological products. On the another hand, the view that print books will not be supplanted by electronic books was held by some individuals. As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of the latter's side.
Some people have a tendency to choose the print books rather than the ebooks. Here are a few possible reasons for that. For one thing, the tangibility, which gave by the print books, cannot be showed in any aspects of ebooks.Therefore, people usually purchased print books instead of ebooks because they can get a tangible item for their memory by buying a paper printed book. For another thing, print books offer a sense of accomplishment to people.Specifically, consumers believe that they will feel more accomplished when the mass of the book moves from the right side to the left and they know they are almost done. Furthermore, print

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