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Topics: Sun, English-language films, Rain Pages: 1 (642 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Lorraine Torres
John Payne
CRN 10208
The Trigging Glare
Every time that I go to the beach and I look into the ocean I see the glare of the sun reflecting on the water. I think that’s such a beautiful example of scenery, and it just triggers my memory back to Lake Havasu. Every summer for the past four years our family goes on a trip to Lake Havasu. It’s located in Arizona, in the border line of California and Arizona. It’s probably one of the best trips I’ve been on, and I looked forward to it every summer. Unfortunately, this summer was the first one that I didn’t get to go along with them, because of my job. Yet when I went to the beach this summer the hot steamy weather, the smell of the sunblock, and people boogie boarding takes me down memory lane even more. The weather this summer was hot and alluring that it just reminds me of how hot and steamy it was at the lake. As soon as we arrived to Lake Havasu and took a step out of the car, I can literally just feel the humidity of the weather and feel it all over my body. That’s exactly how I felt this summer at the beach, when I got out of the car and I put one foot in the sand I just felt the scorching sand in-between my toes. It gave me the same sensation that the lake made me feel; it was about 115 degrees at the lake. It might have not been that hot this summer but my memory just triggered back to it. Another thing that triggers my memory is when I smell sunblock. I feel like sunblock has such a brawny and distracting smell because it is so common at the beach, everyone is wearing it and putting it on. When I went to the beach this summer I put some sunblock on just a few minutes before I went into the water, and as soon as I started putting it all over my body it took me back when I was putting on sunblock when I was about to get on the boat at the lake. When I was at the lake I would put sunblock on 24/7 because the sun was so heavy that just by laying in the sun for ten minutes you can get...
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