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Time Machine

By Jaineet123 Oct 26, 2013 666 Words
Wanting his grandchildren going to the future grandfather made this time machine. This can take you back in time or take you to the future. Now he is about to tell his grandchildren about the time machine. His grandson Tim is in fifth grade and love going around the world so seeing new places. His grand daughter Sandy is the total opposite, even though they are twins she likes to be alone and she is pretty boring but a person who is interested in technology. As soon as the kids find out about the time machine, which grandfather had invented for them to use, they couldn’t believe it. Until then no one knew he was a scientist and he had his science lab in the house with a secret door. They went near the time machines, put their hands on it and asked the time machine to go 50 years into the future. They reach but it’s all empty they thought their future was destroyed. Tim started to cry and said our future is going to get destroyed. Suddenly someone roared then it was getting darker. Grandfather looked up and it was massive, it was a dinosaur they all screamed and ran as fast as possible and tried to hide away from the dinosaur. Grandfather realised that we are not 50 years in the future but 250 million years in the past; they got shocked. Tim asked if we could go back “ouch” said Tim “how dare you hit me” asked Tim. Sandy said that you are a nut case because for the time machine to work we need electricity which is not here because we were 250 million years in the past. They saw a river and everyone was really thirsty so they decided to go there but there was already dinosaur’s drinking water there so they couldn’t go there. They looked at the other side there was something moving but it was really first they thought it’s a small dinosaur. As they walked Tim and Sandy were getting hungry so grandfather decided to risk their lives. By trying to steal a dinosaur’s egg the children said we are full we don’t want to eat because they were scared then they tried to find a nest and there it was. But they couldn’t have just ate the egg raw so they had to first cook it and that was really hard because there wasn’t any wood over there or any stove so they had to keep that egg with them and not eat it. At last they found a way to put on a fire by rubbing two stones and burning a cloth so they found those two things and started to cook the egg and suddenly a monkey of our size came out from his den. Grandfather had said he is an ape-man Tim shake hands and offered him some egg he was really happy because it was the first time he was eating something cooked. Grandfather said that we have to be friends with him to live in this dinosaur world because he’s the only one who knows how get saved from dinosaurs. After they ate Tim asked if we could find a way to go back home so they walked near the sea and there was this fish just came out and ate another fish and it had a spark in its mouth. Grandfather said “idea”! We just need to fish a fish and give it to an electric fish to eat so when the electric fish gives the current to the other fish we can take that current to go back home and so they tried to catch a fish and then get a electric fish near it and they all ran to the time machine and dodo the ape-man didn’t know so he had to stay behind and than they were really famous because Sandy had token a picture of the big dinosaur.

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