Halo Effect

Topics: Time, Time travel, Future Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 1, 2011
What if I have a time machine?
A time machine for me is not a realistic dream because it is only happened in movies and bed time story. But what would people do when they have a time machine that magically appeared for them to use in their life? Most of them would try to go back to their past and stop to do things which is not appropriate and it leads them to make bad decision. Come back to me, if I have a time machine, I would like to go future

The main characters in the story, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, plan to travel into the future. It's too long to explain here. Google it. Anyway, one main theme of this trilogy is that when you change one thing (even something insignificant) in the past, it can dramatically alter the future. 

That got me thinking, what if we could travel into the past and change events, should we? Sure, we'd probably like to stop ourselves from doing some things, maybe even if the things we did seem insignificant to the rest of the world. Still, even in our own lives, if one part of our lives went differently, it could have unforeseen consequences. 

In your own life, would you try to stop a marriage? Prevent a pregnancy? Stop yourself from ruining a friendship or a relationship? Would you, as Darth Vader did, try to prevent someone from dying? Be careful, though. You could even, accidentally I would hope, meddle so much that you don't exist anymore in the present. 

Would you go back to your most embarrassing moment and change it? Would you make different relationship decisions? Would you go back and cheat on a test (or stop yourself from doing it)? Would you change a major decision in your life?

Would you travel back in time to assassinate Hitler to stop the Holocaust? Would you try to warn the government about 9/11? Would you try to prevent JFK's assassination? Or Abraham Lincoln's? Would you go back a few hundred years, a few decades, or even back to Ancient Rome and Greece? Would you try to prevent deaths? ...
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