Morlocks In The Time Machine

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In The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, probably the biggest moment in the book is when the Time Traveller realizes how much the human race has evolved over the many years he has gone through. The people he sees now are nothing like what he is used to seeing before. The difference between the morlocks and the eloi is quite distinct. The two races of humans may seem very different but they are actually mirror images of each other. Everything from appearance, traits, and even diets are completely different from the other.

The book The Time Machine,was heavily influenced by Charles Darwin's Origin of species-a book about evolution and natural selection. One of Darwin's ideas that closely supports the Time Traveller's theories is that natural
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This relates to The Time Machine because as their world and climate were changing, the morlocks and eloi had to change their way of life as well in order to survive. One example of this is how the morlocks were forced to start eating the eloi because what used to be their main source of food had ran out. In order to survive they were forced to make a change to their way of life.

The last idea from Darwin is that humans will contine to evolve over time. This can be shown in The Time Machine when the Time Traveller is going through time and notices all of the very different and unique organisms. This just goes to show that humans haven't stayed the same throughout time and they wont stay the same in the future either. Humans along with animals evolve to best fit their climates and simply what they need for the best chance of survival.

In conclusion, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells along with Charles Darwin's Origin of species both show how evolution is always going to happen no matter where you are. Organisms are always going to be changing in order for the best chance of survival. Weather that may be something as little as birds beaks growing longer in order to reach their food, or something as big as how the human race has evolved over time. Humans will continually

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